Announcing the Winners of the Water-Energy Nexus Blogging Contest


​With more than 70 submissions from around the world we received original stories from students, teachers, industry professionals, journalists, and more. The stories tackled the timely and important relationship between water and energy. And based on the overwhelming response, including thousands of votes and social media engagement, the contest sparked a global discussion.

For our panel of judges, selecting the winner was no easy task. To reach a decision, our judges placed the most weight on the overall quality of the post and the ideas presented regarding water and energy. In addition, the jury also considered the number of votes, the average vote score and the quantity and quality of traction on social media channels.

Considering our selection criteria, our judges are proud to announce the following winners and runners-up for the Masdar Engage blogging contest:

The Winner:

Dallas Blaney: “Demystifying the Water-Energy Nexus”  

As the winner, Dallas will receive a trip to

Abu Dhabi and an invitation to attend Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week as a guest journalist, where he will have the opportunity to cover the World Future Energy Summit, the International Water Summit, the Abu Dhabi International Renewable

Energy Conference and the Zayed Future Energy Prize.

The Social Media Champ:

Lolita Galura Ranit: “A Call to Action for World Leaders”

The social media champ will be awarded a “Gold Pass” for the opening ceremony of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, which includes access to the World Future Energy Summit, the International Water Summit, the Abu Dhabi International Renewable Energy Conference and a ticket to Zayed Future Energy Prize awards ceremony.


1. Leia & Pat Guccione: “Solutions at the Confluence of Energy and Water”

2. RP Siegel: “Reflections on the Water-Energy Dance (Why Wasting Water Really Means Wasting Energy”

3. Tom Schueneman: “The Water-Energy Nexus in a Climate Changed World”

4. Evan Scandling: “A view from the Field: Addressing the Water-Energy-Poverty Nexus”

5. Andrew Kear: “Energy and Water Nexus” 

All of the runners-up will receive a gift from Masdar and will be featured on the Masdar website and our media partner website. 

The contest was launched by Masdar, Abu Dhabi’s renewable energy company, to raise awareness to the critical water and energy issues as a lead up to Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, January 13-17.